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September 22, 17:12

Blogging on Rails

Despite having a presentational video on Rails that constructs a blogging system in less than 10 minutes, Loud Thinking is still chugging along on a Moveable Type installation that is years old. An installation that does neither Textile nor run of a database for integration with other scripts. It's one of those always-on-the-todo-list kind of things.

Thankfully, not all Rails developers are as slow as me to get their weblog running on Rails. Marten and Sarah are both running a home-grown weblogging system built with Rails on Standard Behavior and One Before, respectively.

Both systems look really nice and sports pretty designs on top of it. Sarah's system even has a nice statistics section to get an overview of how the blog is doing.

Hopefully Sarah (or Marten) will get around to open sourcing of her system, so there's a base to offset my eternal procrastination in getting my blogging on Rails going.

UPDATE: John Wilger also just relaunched his blog ThatWebThing that now runs Ruby on Rails as well.

Challenge by Marten Veldthuis on September 25, 14:09

Sarah already released the source of her weblog on the TextDrive forums.

And as for my weblog, there's still some things I want to complete but after that I'll probably release the source too. I'll do a write-up on my blog later today.

Challenge by Kevin Evans on September 25, 14:28

Just a quick personal recommendation for Sara's code. I've installed it on my site and it's been a great learning experience adding and modifying it. Recommended.

Challenge by Phil on September 26, 4:46

I've thought about using Instiki as the basis for a blog. It really seems like there is a lot of common code between a wiki and a blog.

Has anyone tried this? Can entries by password protected?

Challenge by verbat on September 27, 12:31

you may like to know that this is rails too:

(BTW I don't get why he bothers about source code. he's writing a web app, I think :/ )

Challenge by Guan Yang on September 28, 13:59

Vanilla ( started out as a wiki and evolved into blog software. Chris at uses it.

Challenge by gabriele on September 28, 17:51

ass it to the 'real world' page :)

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