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September 11, 11:09

Leaving for Chicago

I'll be leaving for Chicago a little later today as the second Building of Basecamp workshop is drawing close. Unfortunately, I sold my PowerBook yesterday, so there will be no in-flight programmnig for the eight hour ride by SAS. Hopefully, Jason will have my new machine ready for unpacking when I land, though.

Thanks to Carbon Copy Cloner, I also won't have to waste a couple of days setting up the environment once again. With CCC, you can create a complete image of your harddrive, place it on an iPod, and load it on the new machine in no time at all. Pretty much no matter what piece of Apple hardware you're switching between. Awesome application.

So talk to you all later and I'll be seeing the workshopers on Friday. Looking forward to another enganging day of talks and debates on the nature of web-applications.

Challenge by Guan Yang on September 11, 13:01

What are you blogging this with?

Challenge by gabriele on September 11, 13:09

we call this magic

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on September 12, 2:25

Blogged it from a measly PC I still have. Writing this comment from Jason's PowerBook. Mine didn't arrive as expected. Obviously ;)

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