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August 30, 0:56

Using Instiki as your personal notebook

Matt, the creator of MetaFilter, is finding out just how powerful a wiki can be as your personal notebook. I was very pleased to read that he picked Instiki, which he calls "an actually useful wiki":

Last week I got into the habit of launching [Instiki] and using it instead of having a BBEdit todo.txt file on my desktop. As a private scratchpad, it's absolutely fantastic. Over the past few days I've built out my ToDos into a pile of organized, hyperlinked pages that are useful to have around.

He's not alone, either. More four hundred out of the three thousand downloads of Instiki has been for the instant-on OS X version. Are you collecting your thoughts in Instiki yet?

Challenge by Andrew on August 30, 2:12

(Sorry, commented on the wrong post earlier.)

The current version of Ruby on OSX 10.3.5 is 1.6.8. I don't think anyone's maintaining a precompiled binary of the current version of Ruby any more, which means having to follow these instructions. In fact, "make" doesn't even seem to be installed by default...and so this inexeperienced Unix user has been easily defeated. Anyone got (much) more detailed instructions for getting Instiki up and running on an OOB 10.3.5 system?

Challenge by Martin on August 30, 11:14

I've been using Instiki as an alternative to emailing myself notes and links all the time. It's an excellent tool for fast editing and online information storage. I love textile formatting, so quick and easy to use :) Two thumbs up David!!

Challenge by Jan on August 30, 13:07

_(Sorry, commented on the wrong post earlier.)_

Oops, I replied on the wrong post then :-)

Challenge by AnonymousCoward on August 30, 19:33

The location of the comment link is a bit awkward. You usually want to comment on a post when you're done reading a post and are at the bottom of it. With the comment links above the title, it feels as if the link belongs to the preceding post.

I've gone to comment a few times in the past, but after the initial confusion I eventually changed my mind.

Challenge by Daniel Berger on August 30, 22:05

Hi David,

I think I mentioned this already, but I've got a little tutorial on how to setup Instiki as a Windows Service at

I'm using it on my Windows XP box at work as I write this. :)

Oh, and feel free to bundle that stuff (instikictl.rb, instiki_daemon.rb) with Instiki in the future if you like.

Challenge by Will on September 02, 3:52

Here is a great alternative to a wiki for OS X:

I posted this on the wrong comment before.