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August 20, 23:42

Java is 'too easy'

Let me underline one thing: There are surely many great Java programmers and there are surely many great ideas coming out of the Java community. It's just that when you read something like this from Sachin:

Java has considerably fewer surprises and prefers not to add complexity to the language for rarely used features thereby resulting in a language where you cannot really make your friends go ga-ga at amazingly brief programming constructs... This is probably the biggest reason Java is un-cool. It's too easy (although programming or software development remains as tough as ever).

It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

Challenge by radsaq on August 21, 1:29

Since I started learning J2EE stuff, I've come to believe that Java just wishes it was Ruby, but is stuck in a world of static, compiled languages where simple things require far too much complexity/strange object instantiations/method calls.

Challenge by gabriele on August 21, 13:29

I agree with the quote. Java The Language is too easy.
Probably J2EE is so ugly and overengineered even because of this.

Challenge by Chad Fowler on August 22, 2:35

Dick Gabriel and the Lisp community talk about how some languages and environments are geared toward "helping losers lose less". Maybe this is what is meant by "too easy"?

Challenge by Morten Wittrock on August 22, 12:15

I think it's pretty obvious, that what's meant is that Java is "too easy" from the point of view of the crowd that can only be impressed by an ACID compliant RDBMS written in 20 lines of Perl. True, but not a very interesting point, in my opinion.

Challenge by gabriele on August 22, 12:57

not sure about perl, but probably KDB from kx systems is that short, knowing how compact K (the language ) is :)

Challenge by Lawrence Oluyede on August 24, 10:57

I think we should laugh ;)

Challenge by Martin on August 26, 10:15

Cry - cry long and hard. "Not add complexity" ? who cares if the language is simple - which it isn't - when the frameworks are gurangutang monsters.