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June 09, 16:20

B.Sc in Computer Science and Business Adm.

Three years of study was concluded yesterday at the Copenhagen Business School when we defended our bachelor's project on Social Software. This also means that I'm done with school at least for now. I realize this with a certain amount of arrogance for turning down a free Master's Degree, but still, there's just too many other opportunities right now that has my attention.

So, I'm now officially a Bachelor of Computer Science and Business Administration. Marvelous!

Challenge by Guan Yang on June 09, 16:35

Congratulations! (fp)

Challenge by Jakob S on June 09, 16:49

Grats dude :)

Challenge by Austin on June 09, 17:25


Challenge by Rasmus on June 09, 17:56

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Challenge by Lau Taarnskov on June 09, 19:21

Yay. I'll join the club monday (hopefully ;-).

I'm glad that we started the same year and you have made a great contribution to the "convertion" of me, and a bunch of other students, into Mac users :-)

Challenge by Martin on June 09, 19:35

Hey man, congratulations!! Guess you'll have no trouble enjoying this summer :D

Challenge by Baldanta on June 10, 9:56

Hey brother, congratulation. Now it's time to work.. ;-)

Challenge by gabriele on June 10, 10:52

auguri! congratulations! what's next on the ToDo list? :)

Challenge by Brian Poulsen on June 12, 0:31

Congrats man!

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on June 12, 2:01

Thanks all!

Gabriele, I'll be a Working Man pushing Ruby on Rails in a number of commercial ventures. I'm sure I'll be blogging more about that in a not too distant future.

Challenge by Anders Toxboe on June 15, 11:50

Joined the club yesterday.
Hope to see you again in the future - either studying or in the working life. I'm glad to have suffered under your influence of patterns, refactorings, XP, and onworth. I hope to be able to seek suffer under the same influence in the oncoming years.
Don't get out of touch, please :-)

And congratulations by the way. ;-)

Challenge by Pradeep P. kembale on August 07, 15:07

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Challenge by Victor NOAGBODJI on March 21, 12:25

Hi and congratulations dude!
I just wonder how it was to interact Business Adm and CS?
Were they easy to maintain together?


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