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April 09, 18:30

Instiki 0.3.1: Before the Storm

Instiki have moved off the backburner and into full-on development as its been chosen for playing a part in my bachelor's project on Social Software. This release is entitled "Before the Storm" as it's mainly about polish before I start adding features that'll require data migration. Upgrading to 0.3.1 is a no-brainer. Just move your wikis from storage/ over from the old installation and all should be fine.

The most apparent change is that the user interface has been polished for all pages. This includes much requested Textile help on the edit page. But there's also locking, so you won't accidently start editing a page someone else is already working on.

Check out the full change log at the new self-hosting Instiki wiki.

Challenge by Tim Riddell on April 12, 23:33

I just downloaded this and I'm going to use it for my development team at work. Great stuff! I'm a bit new to the Ruby world but I'm focusing on it intently. I like the use of the Prevayler-based approach. I'm also anxiously (but patiently) awaiting more info on Rails. One question about Instiki: is it possible to serve images or other files (like PDFs, etc.) from the same server (same port) running the wiki? I want to create a directory where users can add images and other files and then link to them easily within the wiki. It would be nice to have this self contained and not need another server (or port number to remember.) Thanks.

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on April 12, 23:51

File uploads is on the menu, but right now it isn't in there. There isn't even mounted a web-accessible directory on the web server. Version 0.4 is getting closer, though, and after that's done I'll look into file uploads.

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