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August 18, 19:58

Control your Mac with a Nokia 3650

Long has my envy of SonyEricsson t-series owners been almost unbearable. Controlling your Mac from your phone over Bluetooth has got to be one of the coolest applications of the latter. On top of being cool, it's also Really Useful. Especially as a iTunes and Keynote remote.

Neither Clicker (pioneer) nor Romeo (free), which both facilities the controlling, has previously made any advances (or even promises!) towards broadening their support.

So the arrival of Veta Universal 1.0 comes as an unexpected and pleasant surprise. This $8 shareware serves as a wrapper for all of those SE t-series API calls into Series 60-speak. Very cool!

Unfortunately, it only works with Romeo so far. Romeo is the free, but feature-challenged one of the two available Mac remotes. It lacks playlist and search support for iTunes and keypad mode for Keynote. And since Clicker is just $9.99, I'd much rather have a wrapper for that than Romeo.

But let's not talk down a good thing. Romeo + Veta Universal is currently the only available controller combo for the Nokia 3650 and for that they both deserve a world of praise!

(Only hag is the inconvenient registration process of Veta that only works over PayPal — you even have to be a member — and the ensuing wait for your key)

Challenge by Rowan on August 20, 20:52

Aloha... one minor bone of contention - Romeo was actually released at the same time Clicker was, and I may well have been working on it for longer! Unfortunately, I am still somewhat of a Cocoa newbie, and don't have enough time...

You might therefore be pleased to know I'm currently working on extra features - but what's this 'Keypad' mode for Keynote you speak of? Is it possible to do in the current architecture?