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June 11, 12:04

Movies and calendars on Nokia 3650

Change a single boolean in the iSync config and iCal will synch the calendar with the Nokias. Some people are getting off-by-one errors, which is probably why it's not generally available. But it works perfectly on my setup.

The ability to watch full-lenght videos and TV-series with RealOne is even cooler, though. I just got my 128MB MMC card and a card reader to go with it. I just converted an episode of Simpsons (10MB) and an episode of Friends (14MB) to 3GP. It works surprisingly well. Simpsons is by far the nicest quality, but Friends is also certainly watchable.

This phone just keeps on giving.

Challenge by speedy on June 11, 12:55

how do you sync the movies to the phone? (on mac)

Challenge by speedy on June 11, 12:56

doh - the card reader...

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on June 11, 12:57

Exactly. It would be unbearable to transfer 10-14MB files over Bluetooth at 20kb/s. The card reader does that in no time with some 800kb/s or whatever USB is capable of in real speeds.

It works incredibly well.

Challenge by Lau on June 11, 18:11

Cool. Can you hear the sound as well? In stereo? Using a cable headset?

Maybe I should go for the 3650 instead of SonyEricsson T610 after all. But it's just a bit bulky. Both good in their own way. I guess you'll have to stream it using GPRS if you're using the T610 which has limited memory, unexpandable.

Videos may be cooler, but calender sync is definately a more seriuos and practial feature.

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on June 11, 18:24

I rip the audio to a seperate MP3 stream and listen to it off my iPod. But if you bought an ear-plug for the 3650, you could include the audio stream with the audio (though it would be mono only).

Streaming full-quality video through GPRS is not going to happen. The video stream ALONE is 64kbit/sec, which is out of reach of the 3-6 kbit/sec you can do over GPRS. Besides, it would be hideously expensive.

I'd definitely go for the 3650. The Symbian OS allows for more and cooler apps, it does full-length videos, it's 1/3 cheaper, and all this for only 30% more bulk (height/weight).

Challenge by Morten Krog on June 13, 8:22

14 mb for an entire 30 min. tv epsiode? Oh, must be possible due to the low screen resolution on the phone... Nah, I still don't get it. I would expect the size to be around 10 times that.

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on June 13, 10:01

Remember, this is for a 178x208 resolution with no sound and rather heavy mpeg4 compression. But you're right, it's rather impressive. Especially considering that it's perfectly watchable with that level of compression.

Challenge by Rory on June 25, 17:00

is there any way to download a video/movie over GPRS on the 3650, also can you download the video recorder upgrade from nokias website over GPRS, or does this depend on the network provider. im deciding whether or not to buy a 3650 next week and this could influence my decicision

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on June 25, 17:06

I haven't yet found a program that'll let you download much anything directly to the MMC card, so you'll have to stay within the 3MB restriction of what'll fit on the phone's internal storage. Which doesn't really allow for much else than short promotions or trailers.

With the pvPlayer, you can stream movies over GPRS which doesn't have to limit themselves to 3MB &mdash I think, but haven't actually tried it.

For software, you could always just upload stuff to your own server and GPRS download from there. But I'm sure Nokia has a software site that'll let you download over GPRS.

But it's surely more convinient (and quickly cheaper, unless you get GPRS for free) to go with Bluetooth or a card reader or preferably both!

Challenge by Shelley on July 19, 18:46

Ive just bought the 3650. I have used iMESH to download an episode of Family guy. It's a Quick Time Movie at the mo. How the hell do I get it onto my phone. I have a 128mb memory card. Got GPRS, Infrared and Blue Tooth as my options. I can burn the movie onto CD and open it on a lap top which would allow me to use infrared, but I don't know where to start and need someone to explain in a language known to that of a smal child for I have just struggled through the manual and my brain can'ttake much more. Please email me!!

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on July 19, 18:49

You need a MMC card reader. I haven't found a way to transfer directly to the MMC card over neither Bluetooth nor infrared. And since the phone doesn't have more than a few megabytes available for intermediate storage, you can't go that way first.

So. Get a MMC card reader and take the memory card out of the phone each time you need to load movies on it. Slightly cumbersome, but it's the only way. And it's still well worth it.

Challenge by Shelley on July 19, 19:03

Thanx for the quick response. S
o, hang on, this MMC card reader, can I get that anywhere?

Challenge by Shelley on July 19, 19:08

Blimey, this phone's just gettin more and more expensive. If or when I get a card reader, what do I do then? How does it work? The only options the movie is giving me at the moment is to send via email, so I don't get what the card reader does. I could vaguely understand a cable...if a folder for the phone automatically appeared on the desktop and you could drop files into it. It seems to me as complicated as finding the meaning of life. You don't happen to know that aswell do you?

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on July 19, 19:16

You need to turn the TV episode into either 3GP or MPEG-4. I got a guide on how to do the latter on — including how to playback those MPEG-4 files. 3GP's can be made with QuickTime Pro ($29 registration) and the 3GP plugin. Go to Apple's site for more on that.

Once you have your TV episode in the correct format, you take the MMC card out of the phone, insert it into the card reader, and a new volume should appear on your computer. Drag the episode in there and pop the card back into the phone.

View and enjoy.

...and no, you're right. This is neither smooth nor easy. We're pushing this phone beyond its intentions, so that's probably to be expected.

Challenge by Shelley on July 19, 19:30

Ah! Me thinks my father got a card reader for his digital camera to transfer images from camera to computer, could this be right?! So if I converter the file to MPEG-4, put it onto the laptop, inserted the memory card into the reader and transfered it onto there I should be going places?

Challenge by Jeff Rogers on July 23, 18:17

I just bought the Nokia 3650, primarily so I could sync my calendar and contacts and avoid carrying a PDA. I'm trying to sync with a Tablet PC. The Tablet recognizes the phone via infrared and Bluetooth, but Nokia's software doesn't "see" the connection. A Nokia "help" rep said the Tablet operating system isn't supported, even though the Tablet is connecting to the phone.

Know of any workarounds?

Challenge by SiLvALyNiN on August 05, 4:46

Do any of you have palm pilots of PDA's. All of them come with MMC ports, which means you can put ur 3650's MMC card into the palm pilot. All of the PDA's also come with a cradle to connect to ur comp using USB. I use an app that lets me connect to my palm pilot, then i can access the MMC and put whatever I want on it. Then I simply put the MMC back in my fone.

Challenge by ANNOMOUS on August 06, 19:29

download the Nokia Converter from to convert standard video files to 3GP

Challenge by :)Boch on August 07, 10:40

I have been searching the net for some 3650 .rm files and I am having a hard time looking for them, so I decided to learn and create them themselves for my personal satisfaction and entertainment. Here I would like to share these files to people like me who crave to study the countless possibilities of the Nokia 3650.. probably the best phone ever released. :) boch

here is the link

Challenge by Christian Gehrke on August 09, 6:25

Quicktime released a plug in for importing and exporting .3gp files if you go pro it works fine.

just took a 400 megabyte movie .dv and turned it into 4.0 meg .3gp and still good quality.

I still want to record longer than 13 seconds with the video recorder please help me find a way to fix it.

Challenge by on August 13, 13:34

There are a few downloadable applications such as ETI camcorder (search google) which allow you to record for as long as your memmory will allow. There is a free demo version of this availible on the net just search for it!

Challenge by bruce o'leary on September 05, 1:28

I have tried the fix for calendar sync and when I go to library/applcation support/sync service/ is blank...therefore I cannot edit the line of code to allow for sync'ing. It is driving me crazy, as that is the reason I bought the phone in the first place. If anyone can point me in the right direction..i am sure it is only just a few feet away, but I cannot seem to get there!

boleary at prestonwood dot org

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