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June 03, 15:43

Nokia 3650 synching and movies on OS X

Among friends, it's been no secret that my new Nokia 3650 has me more than a little enthralled. There's just so much to love. The astonishing picture quality from the tiny camera, a perfect email-client speaking IMAP over GRPS and doing attachments with ease, decades of retro-gaming with the GameBoy and C64 emulators, a sweet calendar, and browsing with mobile Opera. All in a single, slick package for around $300.

And now Apple just blessed it with iSync-compatibility! Version 1.1 adds address book (with pictures) synchronization and promises calendar (the most important thing) and to-do lists "soon". Hopefully "soon" is defined as in days or weeks, not months.

On top of that, QuickTime 6.3 allows for a 3GPP plug-in, so the movies recorded from the camera phone can be played-back outside of Nokia's closed, Windows-based player. That is freaking awesome. Prepare to see mobile movie-blogging rocket.

The Nokia 3650 is the phone to own.

Challenge by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on June 03, 17:17


Perhaps it's time for a little meetup of 3650 users?

Challenge by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on June 03, 17:19


your link to greenspun has a "z" in there!

Challenge by speedy on June 03, 22:12

better yet you can author 3gpp content too.

Challenge by Rasmus on June 04, 2:36

Ah, so that's where those little pictures are coming from.

Challenge by Jakob S on June 04, 12:40

Heh, a link to a bunch of 120x90 pixel images doesn't really show the "astonishing picture quality". Any chance to see some fullsize images?

Challenge by Morten Wittrock on June 04, 13:51

Any cellphone that has a C64 emulator readily available is alright with me :)

Challenge by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on June 04, 19:22


Du kan se eksempler på kvaliteten på

Challenge by Jakob S on June 06, 10:42

Ah, thanks. Not too shabby quality.

Challenge by sameer on April 28, 20:38

plzzzzzzzzzzz give me some free movie softweares for nokia 3650

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