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January 08, 17:47

Switching left and right

John Robb of UserLand: "OK. That's it. My next computer is going to be an Apple. After 18 years on a PC, I am ready to call it quits. Windows is waaaay too much of a hassle for me to maintain."

Even my girl friend, who used to bash the Mac, is getting there. Safari's SnapBack feature and the iPod link seems to be the turn-around for her. We're thinking about letting her adopt my iBook as I jump on the 12" TiBook.

Now I just need to push that Sony Vaio out the door. Any staunch defenders of the PC interested? It's cheap!

Challenge by Brian Poulsen on January 09, 21:55

Yup - My next computer will be a powermac. I've decided not to spend more money on my PC. I plan on buying the Dual 867 mhz.
Though I wont be able to buy it for the next two months or so, maybe something new has showed in the meantime.. who knows.
It's definately going to be a Powermac.

Challenge by David on January 09, 22:00

Unless you really, really need the dual-powers, I'd much rather spring for a laptop or an iMac. The PowerMacs are considerably over-priced (IMHO) and quite loudy beasts.

You'd be amazed how fast even the bottom-of-the-line iBook feels. Currently, I'd probably go for either the 12" PowerBook or the iMac. You can have the latter in a 700mhz G4 version for just 12k. That's including a nice 15" flat-screen.

Actually, you can get BOTH an iMac and an iBook for just a little more than the price of the cheapest PowerBook. Think about it.

Challenge by Brian Poulsen on January 09, 22:03

Well I'm a proud owner of a TiBook G4 550 allready.
The reason for the Powermac is power, and the possibility to hook a 19 inch monitor to it.
I don't want to be stuck with a 15 or 17 inch monitor.