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November 15, 16:12

That's just the way it is

I can't stand "that's just the way it is". It's the worst of argumentative escapisms. It's also a red flag alerting signaling a either silly, irrational, ego-loaded reason (and often all of those things) to why it is that way. It begs further argumentation despite being used a method to end a debate.

It's frequently used when someone either doesn't know why a certain thing is that way (but don't want to admit their lack of knowledge) or when that someone chose to make it so (and don't want to acknowledge he missed something). It's an instrument of fear used by the person's survival rules to guard an over-sensitive ego from negative exposure.

Such a survival rule could be that "I must appear perfect at all times" or "They won't think I'm a good leader or technical sufficient if I back down". But just as trying to end the debate using the instrument of fear, the consequences of such survival rules is the exact opposite.

Trying to appear perfect at all times will ensure you never look perfect. Never backing down to a superior argument will ensure you're seen as a bad leader or technical inadequate.

Admitting faults and lack of knowledge is the only way to move forward as a human being. Stop worrying so much about your appearance. It'll work out fine in the end if you're open and willing to learn.

Challenge by Jakob on November 15, 16:26

Yeah, but what are you going to do about it, it's just the way people are ;)

Challenge by David Hansson on November 15, 16:28

Clever :). You just provoked me to write another...