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October 09, 18:12

Late to the analog party?

On October 22nd, DAGEN will be the first new national Danish newspaper to leave the presses since WW2, and, according to Malthe, it will also be a terrible mess of typefaces, spacing, and commitee design.

On the decision to only feature a single full page ad per issue, Malthe predicts certain failure (and I concur):

Read my lips: It. Wont. Work. It remind me of the newly opened independent movie theater here in Copenhagen, that used to brag about them not having any commercials before the shows. And lo and behold, what do they have now? Yeah, guessed it. And you, Dagen, will too have more than one ad per spread. Iíll give you till January next year to figure that out for yourselves.

DAGEN is pitched as a high class passtime for 600k+ earners. Whether they'll care enough to break with their current brand or switch back from the screen to dead trees will be interesting to watch.

At any rate, they'll have to pony up a 4.138 kr. premium for 300 days of DAGEN. Tempted? Sample their PDF trial run.

Challenge by martin (tm) on October 10, 14:37

I just wonder who owns the paper? Now that two of the major players in Danish newspaper-business is about to fuse, it's funny to see that yet another "independant" newspaper is hitting the streets?

Just a thought :)

Challenge by Jakob on October 11, 13:28

DAGENs boardmembers and owner:{9B45D428-83DD-4F2A-A1CA-52F0C1F65132}

Challenge by Christian Williams on September 08, 16:59

I'm a graphic designer and I've heard that this paper was extremely interesting from a design standpoint. Unfortunately,
I haven't been able to track down a copy/image of one. I was wondering if someone
might have a .pdf or photo of one.

Christian Williams

Challenge by luke on February 14, 18:58

ili tute ne komprenas la sarkasmon. Neniam dum mia vivo mi estis tiel kontenta, tiel trankvila, tiel plena de bena paco, kiel hierau, kiam mi eksciis, ke Mikel-Angelo ne vivas plu. Ni eltiris ci tiun sciigon el nia gvidisto. Li kondukis nin tra mejloj da pentrajoj kaj skulptajoj en la vastaj koridoroj de Vatikano, tra mejloj da pentrajoj kaj skulptajoj en dudek aliaj palacoj; li montris al ni la grandan pentrajon de la Siksta Kapelo kaj freskojn, kiuj suficus por freskigi la tutan cielon, -- preskau cio estis farita de Mikel-Angelo. Ni decidis uzi kontrau li rimedon, per kiu ni venkis jam multajn gvidistojn -- malsago kaj idiotaj demandoj. Ci tiuj kreitajoj nenion suspektas -- ili tute ne komprenas la sarkasmon.