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August 23, 1:00

The king of dead pixels

My brand new Canon S30? Dead pixel. Got it exchanged (after waiting 45 minutes) today. My brand new iBook 700mhz? Dead pixel. Going to have it exchanged when I reach Minneapolis. When does a guy get a break from dead pixels?

I am glad that I'm learning this before going back to Denmark, though. Being stuck with an ocean between buyer and seller is a bad outlook for dealing with dead pixels. But still, fuck!

Challenge by Niels Koekkoek on September 28, 21:44

I have bought an iBook too and have one dead pixel! I am curious what happend with you iBook. Did apple replace it??

Thanks in advance,


Challenge by David Hansson on September 28, 21:47

No. The store where I bought it did the replacing. And only because I returned it within their 8 day exchange period. So basicly, they didn't replace it because of the bad pixel, but because I brought it back really fast (and could have had my money back otherwise).

Apple won't say how many pixels are required to warrant an exchange. But you can be sure the number isn't lower than three, more likely five, and in any case dependent on an "evaluation" that may or may not take the proximity and location of the dead pixels in to account.

Yes, it's messy and annoying.

Challenge by Rich on August 06, 14:40

Apple won't consider anything under 4 pixels, so if ur stuck wiv one (like me) it's @*$^ing annoying...

Just check ur iBook quick, and if its got one take it back to the store & try to swap it with another one from stock... if the shop says no, I guess ur stuffed :(